Ticket Giveaway: Dirty Martini in Wellington, NZ!!!

IMG_17959Burlesque legend Dirty Martini will be performing in Wellington on April 26th. Based in New York, Dirty Martini is a voluptuous vision, a talented artist, and the journey of burlesque wrapped up in one amazing woman. She has been Miss Exotic World 2004 – shared the stage with Dita von Teese in Strip Strip Hooray – and modeled for Karl Lagerfield and Vogue magazine. Three great interviews with her: Time Out New York and Citizen Brooklyn and 21st Century Burlesque.

Dirty Martini’s main performance in Auckland is sold out. But she is participating in several events in Wellington: a brunch meet and greet, burlesque classes, and the Cabaret Royale on the 26th. And I have two tickets to Cabaret Royale to give away!

To be in to win, comment below with why Dirty Martini inspires you. You need to be in Wellington, NZ on the night of the show, April 26th, to be eligible to win. Winner will be chosen at noon by random selection on Monday the 13th NZ time!


  1. I love that she does sexy. It’s so rare to see from performers who aren’t slender.


  2. I’ve already got tickets but I am very excited. I love to see such a wide variety of beauties perform but even that aside, she will be only the second international female performer I will have seen and I am keen to learn.


  3. She’s a total inspiration to me. The way she simultaneously floats AND struts around a stage is just wonderful.
    I could watch her swing her tassels all day 😀
    She’s funny, sexy, so talented and I would love the opportunity to see her work live, rather than just on youtube


  4. I love the way she moves on stage and her confidence/charisma. She doesn’t doubt herself and just goes for it 🙂


  5. Her energy is infectious, she owns the stage and the audience. She just exudes sexy fun.


  6. She’s just different, I would love to see her in person rather than on you-tube. I also love the range of acts and personas she has when she performs. Pure sex. It’s great as a performer to to see someone breaking the mould in the way she does, and it encourages me in my own acts.


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