1. I happen to own a Mouton Fur coat that belonged to my Mother. These coats are so warm and cozy and I am looking for a black or nearly black Mouton, full length coat, in a size petite 6-8 or a woman’s size 4-6. If I destroy the one I have – which is in need of some serious repairs, all of those animals will have died for nothing, so I am collecting them for people who will appreciate them and take care of them. Let me know if anyone finds one in good shape and I’ll take a look at it. Contact me at


  2. I have a 3/4 length Mouton dark coat from 1956, excellent condition. Tuxcedo collar. I do not have a cell phone to send a picture, but can borrow one if you are interested.


    • I’m replying to this because I’m a sucker for mouton – I think it’s an underrated fur, humane and warm. Take this to your local vintage store and you may be pleasantly surprised at what you’ll get!


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