Emceeing and Performances

Emceeing and Performances

Sadie von ScrumptiousAs Sadie von Scrumptious, I’ve been participating in Wellington burlesque since 2010. What I do includes show and party emceeing, production, posters, and workshops. I also love stylish, quirky events such as subculture conventions, club nights, and fashion shindigs.

What makes burlesque special? A burlesque event, cabaret, or ball is a zone outside of daily life, be it grungy or glam – and emceeing should create that space for the audience and the performers. When I emcee, my style is Mae West meets Weird Al Yankovic.  I bring snappy, swanky patter to New Zealand events in my American accent, I’ve got plenty of chutzpah,  and I never pay retail.




  • Producing a third Burlesque Rainbow for Out in the Square.
  • Caburlesque – Kiwiana “World Famous In New Zealand” show, February 1st.
  • Emceeing the Miss Burlesque NZ national competition, March 22nd, Wellington.
  • Caburlesque – “Mad Bad World of Madonna” show, April 6th.
  • The Pole Room: Electricity! A night of Wellington’s finest pole dancing and innovation.  May 23rd, The Fringe Bar.
  • Nerdlesque, May 31st, The Fringe Bar, timed to be the same weekend as Armageddon.
  • Caburlesque’s Royals show, June 7th, The Fringe Bar.
  •  Caburlesque: Steampunk Versus Rockabilly, August 2nd, The Fringe Bar.
  • The Pole Room: Pole Vixens! August 22nd, The Fringe Bar.
  • Wellington Winter Vintage Festival, September 6th, St. James Theatre, brought to you by Glory Days Magazine and Hendrick’s Gin. I told fortunes!
  •  Caburlesque: Elvis Versus The Beatles, October 4th, The Fringe Bar.
  • The Pole Room: Tropicana! The Fringe Bar.
  • Caburlesque: MIDDLE EARTH MADNESS! Special two night show overlapped with the upcoming launch of the last installment in Wellington’s favorite fantasy movie franchise. December 5th & 6th. Thanks to Stinky Proudfoot and Fatty Bolger for being such good sports in the audience.



  • “Burlesque Rainbow” at Wellington Out in the Square queer pride festival, January 21st – Producer
  • Dr. Sketchy February, “Revenge of the Redheads” – Host/playlist
  • Burlesque Rocks March 23rd – Emcee
  • Caburlesque April 7th – Emcee
  • Dr. Sketchy April, “Steampunk!” – Host/playlist
  • Caburlesque June 4th – Emcee, in the persona of “Naughty Queen Liz” for the Diamond Jubilee
  • Frolic Lounge, June 15th/16th, September 15th/16th – Poster design and Emcee
  • Caburlesque August 4th, October 4th – Emcee
  • Underground Burlesque, August 17th and 18th – Emcee
  • Aethercon, October 2012: Steampunk Conference and Ball – Master of Ceremonies
  • Caburlesque October 6th – Emcee
  • Frolic Lounge, November 15th and 16th – Emcee
  • Bare and Back Again: A Burlesque Journey to Middle-Earth! Nov. 30th and Dec. 1 – Producer and emcee.
  • A Very Merry Caburlesque, December 8th, The Fringe Bar – Emcee


  • NZ Burlesque Festival, February – walking for The Dreamstress in her vintage lingerie show
  • Frolic Lounge – Emcee  – June, September, November
  • Dr. Sketchy July, “Belle’s Beauties,”  Host/playlist

Questions I Get Asked

Where do you get those sequined dresses?

I stalk them. Like the lion stalks the okapi. Except online. TradeMe and eBay are my sources. I’m branching out into making my own, too.

Can you get me burlesque dancers for my event?

Yes, I can refer you to performers who are a great match for your event. Please contact me to inquire.

Can you emcee my wedding?

I do emcee conferences, balls, and bar and bat mitzvahs – but not weddings. Most wedding emcees are also wedding DJs. I can recommend several other emcees if you want a naughty burlesque flair in your New Zealand wedding emcee.

Your inspiration?

Endless hours curled up around the boom box listening to Dr. Demento, who introduced me to Ruth Wallis; the ever-fresh content and charm of Murray Hill; the brashness of Jonny Porkpie. The vintage clothes I loved from the 80s onwards. And, of course, all those brave beauties on stage.

I want to be in a burlesque/cabaret show too! What do I do?

The cabaret scene here in New Zealand is always in flux. Start out with this article on Burlesque Advice.  I know of several sets of Wellington based classes that will specifically set you on a performance path: