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Friday Follies: Toujours Gai

Being an old lady isn’t what it used to be. And we can all be thankful for that. Mind, it hasn’t been what it used to be since Auntie Mame hit the screens. (I have a very battered copy of the book – luckily it’s been reissued.)

Aw yeah

Someday I will be HER. Yes. This is how you do it.

Karen Walker joins forces with Advanced Style to have the worlds most stylin’ silver foxes model her eyewear. Inspired!!!

A contributor at Man Repeller shops for an It-Bag in high school and…and…I haven’t laughed so hard a a fashion blog post, ever. The comments thread is sympathetic gold.

Trenery. It’s a spin-off of Country Road for “mature” shoppers – usually a kiss of death. I was in there the other day; I tried on this and that; I found their dresses boxy, but I liked their handbags and tops, especially a modestly priced Pantone-emerald tee. Good for taller women & women who want their busts covered. Check out the outlet site and sale items.

I get planar fascitis. Which sucks. It’s aggravated by lots of walking, and by wearing high heels – which also sucks, because I love both of those! I’m having a flare-up right now so I am wearing my least exciting shoes. Auntie Mame would handle this by…calling a yogi, of course! This is a great post about planar fascitis and what we can do at home to improve it. She’s very right about the foot massage and exercises.  For exercising with planar fascitis, New Balance trainers are very good. If you want to be retro-stylish with planar fascitis, Dankso shoes look great. Unfortunately their smallest size is not small enough for me (I take between a U.S. 5 and 5.5, and Danskos run big right from the start of their range) so I am going to invest in some Naot shoes, which run small, before my traveling walkathon.

Lastly, a delicious Eartha Kitt number, “Tojours Gai.”