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Just A Little Bifurcation

The dress code here at Scrumptious Labs.Oh, this crazy Internet in the era of social media. Here at Scrumptious Labs I have put on my mad scientist wig and set up the Facebook and the Twitter for this bloggingness. The planet does not urgently need my microblogging, but now you have other ways to be prodded to read posts here, and, what’s more, I get to follow you. In your most sparkly chosen incarnation.

Lots of people I know do nicely with one online self. But others do The Split. I’ve noticed The Split in my Facebook list already; lots of people have a dance/performance persona, separate from the name they used to friend Aunt Doris. And there were lots of peachy, ardent Twitter divas I wanted to follow, on a feed that didn’t have work overlap. Carol Queen. Susie Bright. Brooke Magnanti. Annie Sprinkle. (Don’t click on those links if you’re at work, either!) If I should follow or friend you, check out the Facebook and Twitter and let me know.

Next up: the saga of attempting to save a vintage 1930s evening gown.

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