Korean Fleece Tights!

We’re on the cusp of winter here in Wellington, NZ. For three months, we’ll be lashed by wind, rain, and sleet delivered C.O.D from Antarctica. And I know what that means.

Fleece lined tights!

After hearing about them through the style blog tom-tom drums, I headed straight to eBay. And was astonished to learn that they were available inexpensively, in a huge color range, from Korea. Stylish, chilly Korea. I took the plunge and ordered two pairs, grape and black.

Here they are:

Korean fleece tights in their polyglot wrapper

The writing on the wrapped pair is mostly in Korean. The unwrapped pair, scrunched and rubbed in my hands, feels thick, spongy, and light.

Opaque tights on the outside, tender fleece on the inside!

Frankly, I was worried about the fit. I have a definite and fulsome booty, and some tummy, too. But the tailoring on these, with their kindly extra panel and their stretch, meant that they fit perfectly. Price? $7 US a pair with free shipping anywhere in the world. Shipping to New Zealand is often punitively priced, so I really appreciated that.

The day after I received them, a friend who’s a long tall drink of water (6 feet to my 5’2″) said that she had found them, too, at a local chain department store, Farmers. They are twice as warm as regular opaque tights, but not as warm as my winter leggings. Still, it’s going to be a  leggy winter here.


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