Friday Follies: Pause for Breath

19th-century epergne. One day I shall own one of these exercises in glass-based dementia.My blog crush of the week is the adorable Dramatis Personae.

If you thought Peggy Carter in the Captain America movie seemed improbable, look at real-life gun-wielding bombshell Nancy Wake, operative known as “The White Mouse” because of her ability to escape from, oh, the Gestapo during WWII.

The My Body Gallery is a mindblowing project where you can see what real women actually look like. Phenomenal! I’ll be sending a photo in.

Besame cosmetics, in retro colors, are now available in New Zealand. The Vanity Case will come to your abode and do a vintage style party, if you so desire. Ordinarily I am meh about “social selling” events – it seems harsh to ask one’s friends to one’s abode to spend money so that you benefit. Still, Besame!

FashionNZ has had a site makeover and is now a lot easier to navigate.  Lots of designer lookbooks, if you want to see what’s up in the Antipodes. They have 6 or 7 giveaways every month for NZ and overseas residents.

Antique fair in Lower Hutt this weekend. A reliable source for well-priced vintage accessories and jewelry, with dealers from all over. Maybe I’ll find the epergne of my dreams…



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