State of the Scrumptious

A lot has been going on behind the scenes here. Since I went to NetHui in July, life has been exceptionally busy. My mom had surgery overseas (she’s fine!) and my partner’s father visited. A stream of freelance work, burlesque emceeing, increased responsibilities at my day job, and two workshops that I gave on August 26th also kept me on the run.

Then it was time to be my OWN web client and to update this site. A year’s worth of spiffing content now has a mobile-friendly look and feel in a “responsive” theme.

After a year of blogging my main preoccupations all sum up as performing the feminine. Get dressed – it’s a performance. Engage in activities within traditional women’s zones – it’s a performance. Get up on stage, go to a conference – it’s a performance. The fashion and style blogs I enjoy the most discuss style in a thoughtful way – Alison at Wardrobe Oxygen had a magnificent post about this. I am planning on ramping up the style elements here.  That said, while I talk about shopping, and brands will be mentioned, a consumer-advocate perspective is what comes naturally to me, more than being a personalized catalog.  I’ve learned that my readers and I all THINK before we spend.  I’m also investing in a new camera this week, so you can look forwards to more and better photos.

My sewing procrastination is at an end – I made this sequined gown in August. It’s silver and pewter sequin tiger stripes! The microsequin fabric stitched up all right, but it demanded to be sewn with a stretch stitch and nothing but, and it had to be lined with a stretch lining. Definitely a sewing learning experience! I finished it in time for a shoot with Digitalpix on the first day of spring.

Full lycra/poly lining = no sequin itches!

Thank you Digitalpix for this delicious portrait! Black and white shows off this pewter and silver gown perfectly.


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