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Friday Follies: When Orange Attacks and Rainbows Return

The Rainbow Troupe is returning to Out in the Square on Saturday, January 19th – look for them onstage between 12:15 and 12:45!

The Rainbow Troupe for 2013, see them at Out in the Square tomorrow!

The Rainbow Troupe for 2013, see them at Out in the Square tomorrow!

Macklemore, the rapper who brought us Thrift Shop, supports queer rights and gay marriage, and his song “Same Love” went viral. Video below. Food for thought while poppin’ tags.

A great post on skirt lengths. In fact I think I love her blog, Extra Petite, in general. Makeup for beginners, and her “how to look older” post can also be read as “how to be very casual yet a touch polished.” Related: how to turn a straight skirt into a pencil skirt.

All that damn orange that the stores were trying to sell us in spring – is anybody wearing it? Anyone? I’m only seeing it deployed in shoes – people are keeping it as far from their faces as possible. I’m playing with jewel tones this summer – mustard, violet, cobalt – despite my pale complextion, courtesy of MAC Chili lipstick. Redheads, this is a good one for us!

I enjoy reading about travel, but many intense travel blogs seem to be by cocky male twentysomethings, extolling living out of an exquisitely curated backpack. Two travel blogs by women to inspire us. The Bold Soul moved to Paris at age 45, built a new career, and a new life. And Legal Nomads, about a woman who quit her job in law to travel, eat interesting food, and write. She has wise words on travel, traveling alone as a woman, and reverse culture shock/returning somewhere after a long time. Most of my international travel has been alone or only periodically accompanied and I hope to do an RTW (round-the-world) sometime in the next ten years.

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