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Friday Follies: History is An Angel

You know that thing, bloggers? That thing where you start writing a bunch of posts and nothing really sticks? Yeah, I’ve had that. Is it consumerist to write about stylish items I acquired in the US from which I’m getting my money’s worth? What about encouraging femmes to break out of weddings’ cultural lock on femming it up for special events? Or my relaunching a personal fitness program? After a long, varied, and exhausting two weeks, I just scrubbed out my laundry room and this makes me ridiculously happy – laundry is a constant challenge if you like your clothes and want them to last.

Outlier’s nanoclothing is creating a buzz – comfortable, sleek, stylish garments that repel moisture and dirt. The Daily Riding pant is especially hot. After my US trip shopping, I don’t have many wardrobe gaps for spring, but the olive drab here fits into one of those gaps. Hmmm.

3D printed shoes you can print out overnight and wear the next day.” These patterns are free to download. Bonus: they’re wedges.  I already want to hack them and take that heel lower.

Meanwhile, “retro” has solidified into a subculture like goth. Need more proof? Goths have Bats Day at the Disney parks; retroistas now have Dapper Day.

In the meantime, Laurie Anderson’s “Progress” suits my mood exactly. “History is an angel, being blown backwards into the future…”

Now I’m going to go move an invisible medicine ball around.

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