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Friday Follies: I’ll Tumblr For You

Was just discussing Tumblrs versus blogs versus Pinterest with some friends…on Facebook, ironically. So I’ve whipped up a quick post on some Tumblrs and Pinterests done by people I know and like!

Real life is often gray, but Tumblrs are candy-pink, primo-boutique-hyperilluminated white, and full of adorable cuddly foxes, or serious beautifully photographed ravens. Each of these has a different identity and message – through graphics.

Pinterest is perpetually the illuminated boutique-cum-museum. Here are two museums I am always happy to visit:

I’m not on Tumblr or Pinterest because NOT ENOUGH HOURS IN THE DAY. I’d rather live in a pretty, tidy house than look at photos of superbly glorious houses. Also, there are four things on the Web I find psychologically satisfying: an email or comment from a friend; a good read/discussion thread; finding An Item I Was Looking For To Posess In Real Life; and an installment of a favorite web comic. Endless photos is like endless Doritos – where does one stop with the browsing?

Right now I am just losing my mind after learning about a storyline in Love and Rockets: New Stories involving Maggie and Ray called “The Love Bunglers.” I’ve never been more grateful for digital comics. You can share my Love and Rockets love with this Tumblr, Hoppers 13.

Does anybody else reading this remember this song? Anyone?

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