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Oamaru Victorian Heritage Weekend: Oh, The Costumes

Two weeks ago, I was at the Oamaru Victorian Heritage Celebration weekend. Oamaru says it’s New Zealand’s only Victorian town. Looking through my photos, I’m reeling at the amount of fantastic Victorian costuming on the streets. With no further ado: many costumed photos.


I believe these elegant costumes and costumers came down from Auckland. Downcast eyes = so period.


A fortuitous sunbeam…


This lady caused a photography traffic jam when she posed for me!


A delightful family watching the parade.


The friends who encouraged me to come to Oamaru said that all levels of costuming were welcomed. Three historically accurate costumes.


Belles and beaus on parade on Saturday.


March of the suffragettes! New Zealand gained women’s suffrage in 1893. Note the purple, green, and white outfits – the colors of the suffragette movement.


A close up on some of the suffragettes, with bonus pennyfarthings.


The steampunk contingent! -salutes-


A happy, happy crowd, in the midst of the Victorian district.

People on the street were extremely gracious about posing, even about being moved into the shade for better shots – thank you, everyone! There was a Costume Parade in the Scottish Hall on Sunday, for some prizegiving and for serious costume review. Unfortunately, while the costumed gentlemen and ladies were happy as posing flaneurs on the street, they got hasty on stage, so I didn’t get the greatest photos.

Tomorrow I’ll do a general travel post about the festivities and the Oamaru area. And you’ll get to see my costume.

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