Miss Burlesque Is Magic

In 2010, I did something that would, all unknowing, change my life – I went to the Miss Burlesque NZ competition. Seeing the fun, creativity, and femininity, the fire of burleque was lit in my bosom – I, too, yearned to be on the spangled stage, Doing That. I was only distracted by a dapper man I saw across the crowded room at the event,  standing with the hepcat swing-dancing contingent. Why aren’t I with him? I thought, with fleeting sorrow.

Five months later I was floundering through burlesque dance classes and realizing that my 90s club-kid experiences might, unbelievably, be useful in a new sphere.  A year later, I had emceed my first burlesque show. And a year and a half later, I reconnected with that man in the audience, and…we had our engagement party last week.

Now, in a glorious full circle, I am one of the emcees of the 2014 Miss and Mr. Burlesque NZ competition! It’s the fifth annivery of the competition this year, and I have a ticket to give away – leave a comment to be randomly selected as the winner! The winner will be announced on Friday. You can also buy more tickets to Miss and Mr. Burlesque NZ 2014.

And if you, too, want to take some first steps onto the stage, there are classes available with burlesque star Sina King over the competition weekend. As my experiences show, you never know what will happen!





  1. This is a fabulous story! I too spotted the dapper man, with the great hat and lovely smile, and the accidental handful of Minsky Malone, and love the way you two have found each other. I don’t know if I knew you by then but oh I loved watching that show and seeing someone I admired so deeply deservedly win. And I’ve loved knowing you and watching your skill on stage. Congratulations on the gig!


    • Thank you, hon! I think we’d just met then? You might even have been with the dancing crowd yourself? It was a fantastic show that night – and the 2010 victor was indeed superb! I look forwards to another great show this year.


      • I wasn’t with the dancing crowd! I was with my fellow and a friend. And I honestly can’t remember if it was just before or just after we met, but certainly before the pleasure of getting to know you!


    • I’m eternally grateful to that lass for her role in bringing us together…thank you, Miss La Belle!


  2. You *and* Felicity?! Too much awesome.
    I look forward to it.

    Your Nemesis


  3. That night was the beginning of all sorts of wonderful things. I’m looking forward to seeing you and Felicity MC together!


  4. What a delightful story! I love hearing about how people get lured into the wonderful world of burlesque. Most often than not it happens quite organically. But it’s a lovely story too! How special. I look forward to watching you emcee a show I am not in for once 🙂


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