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Public Service Coat-nouncement

This past week’s storms lashing the Pacific are a reminder that Winter is Coming. If you want a winter coat, time to get it.

A word about coats. Coats look best when they fit or are a bit oversized, and are recently cleaned/steamed. Here are tips on choosing a coat fit from Angie at You Look Fabulous. Coats are also not cheap – it’s nigh impossible to find quality coats secondhand in NZ – and we often don’t pull them out of our wardrobes until we really need to wear them. So, do yourself a favor and check your coats out now. If there are fit problems, you’ll have time to resell them or even arrange a swap with a friend. If there are condition problems, you’ll have a choice of replacements.

On web sites, black coats are often shown on blonde models. Why? Because…a contrast between your coat color and your hair color looks good. Personally, I love it when people wear colored or textured coats to break up the great grim blocks of commuters.

I don’t often update my main winter coat – it’s an investment I make about every 5 years. It’s a Coat Year for me. Not only are coats from overseas buying into mediocre design trends – weird, blocky or puffy, beige/grey/black things – but they are heavy to ship. Fortunately, New Zealand retailers are bringing the coat joy this year.

Kathmandu’s waterproof coats have lots of color options this year. And Max has the best coat range I’ve seen in New Zealand in years. They’ve got several assymetric zip coats, which are great for full busts, some fantastic contoured hemlines, and some Not-Black options. To help pay for an investment item like a coat, the Max stores have a layby/layaway option.

A selection of the coats from Max.

A selection of the coats from Max.

Ezibuy is having a two-day sale – March 17th and 18th- that can get you a lot of coatage for under $100, including plus options. The tweed mix one isn’t that cheap, but they’ve styled it well to work with black. And again, they have lots of Non-Black options. Even the pattern in the Sara jacquard zip coat to the right below is lighter on the eye than an all-black coat. Watch out for all-polyester coats at Ezibuy – the more polyester there is in a non-waterproof coat, the shorter its life.


Some of the coats at Ezibuy.

I’m starting with Pinterest – it’s taken me a while to figure out the best way to use it for me – and a Winter Coat board is the perfect start. Check it out here!

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