Friday Follies: Fury Road Edition


Jennifer Culp blogged about her Mad Max inspired looks at

I had a wintertime warmers post planned BUT THEN I saw Mad Max: Fury Road and I’m ready to start the post-post-apocalyptic-feminist-steampunk-leftover future now. So join me for some Fury fandom fun.

The mastermind behind this Tumblr has written a superb post about Furiosa, active women, and disabled characters. And she has gone a step further as the world’s most accurate Furiosa cosplayer. Click to WITNESS!

Another mastermind was Tweeting as Nomenclature Joe, giving out Mad Max names…and comedy gold.

There’s acres of cosplay possbilities, brought to you by the Daily Dot. As noted in that piece, cosplayers have discovered edible silver cake decorating spray. And they have taken over the Amazon reviews section for Wilton Silver Color Mist edible spray. Hilariously.

What’s that, my war-girls? You want Mad Max style for every day? Well, white is already happening for the summertime in North America. Outside the pleasure vault, the only clothing tough enough to truly survive the apocalypse came from 1990s hardcore gigs. So, beat-up jeans, boots for days – the truly stylish wear two boots – and leather jackets. Feeling not-quite-right in a leather jacket? Even though it technically fits? Break it in and show it who’s boss! Leather jacket aficionados swap suggestions for this, and it also works really well with wool or wool-blend coats and blazers.

I have fond memories of Delicious Boutique in Philadelphia and they have the wasteland-steampunk gear that we all need right now.

For some inspired makeup, someone came up with “Ridiculous Mad Max Makeup You Can Only Wear in Private” but…why only in private? She looks great!! Forehead blackout is going to be A Thing now.

One final recommendation: drive safe! After seeing Furiosa shove that big rig around, I noted I was driving daringly myself. Maybe just take the bus home, or pile everybody into a cab. Two cabs. Welded together. With spikes on! Imperator Sadistic Scrumptiosa signing out!


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