Weather-Defying Style

Lots of cities around the world are now visible through the choosy lenses of style blogs. Auckland has one (not-in-NZ readers, note the lanky limbs and neutral color palettes). Wellington is poorly represented in this genre. So I thought that the Grandeur and Frivolity event this past Saturday would be the perfect time to snap some shots of Wellington style. And it would have been.

If the Wellington winter hadn’t bitten.

“Braving the elements” and “carefully chosen outfit” don’t go together well. Against the persistent, cold rain and wind, Wellingtonians wrap up in their time-tested trifecta of denim, polarfleece, and waterproof jackets. We show up at events chilled and blotchy and windblown, but we’re there, damn it. This Saturday the polarfleece and waterproofs did their job. The grand hall at St. Andrews was nearly full for the event, deeply impressive in this weather. On that Saturday, I wore skinny jeans over Korean fleece tights, a retro-look cardigan, and waterproof mascara. What did other people wear?

Thank you, Maggie!

Maggie is both sleek and warm with her cloche hat and cardigan

Here are three stylin’ dames who defied the weather. The first cleverly gets around what the wind and rain do to hair with a saucy 1920s look hat. Her outfit was shades of navy, not black, which set off the peach cardigan beautifully. The second one shouts against the grey weather in her red dress – her ruffled scarf and flower necklace evoke a summery flower lei, too. And a third had an enchanting newsprint raincoat, with an equally delicious black and white ensemble beneath it.

Thank you Jocelyn!

I enjoyed talking to sweet Jocelyn, who rocked her red dress and accessories

Thank you, pretty ladies! This was my first time taking style photos on the fly, and, gaaaah, I learned a lot. Pretty ladies, you deserve way better photography than this, and I’m working on it for the future. As the Buddhists at a nearby monastery say, “This is all just another experience…”

The crowd lingered afterwards, entranced by the opportunity to get a closer look at the intricate costumes. I was glad to get some close-up peeks myself, especially of the glorious silver gown worn by the event’s costume historian, Leimomi Oakes, and of the exquisitely constructed pet-en-l’aire worn by the model representing Madame du Barry. For more about the costumes, check out The Dreamstress’s own blog.

Thank you Riah King-Wall!

Riah triumphs in her newsprint raincoat


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