Brunettes At The Burlesque

Notice the pearls on her umbrella?

“Pictures of the audience at Carousel Cabaret! Yes! That will be a great place to find some Wellington style.” Was it ever – I was overwhelmed. Here’s some shots of what we all wore out to the burlesque.

Notice the pearls on her umbrella?This vision in white was a crowd favorite. In one of life’s strange coincidences, I ran into emcee Penny Ashton at the airport the next day and mentioned taking a picture of this delightful dame. Penny immediately said, “The meringue girl! I loved her!”

Suzie Shandy bringing tropical warmth to the end of winterSuzie Shandy, glamorous from head to toe.

The night belongs to them, whoever they are.Just outside the front door.

I'm loving the green and black. More tropical touches to warm up a cold night.

BOOOOOTS!Joie de Vivre shows off her fabulous rose-embroidered boots.

Va va voom!Not only have I admired this lady on multiple occasions, she is the proprietrix of I Like Pretty Clothes. You can find her own story behind this ravishing dress & much, much more there. This post would have gone up an hour sooner if I hadn’t been looking at her site. Her picture is last because you’re all going to go spend hours there, too!

All brunettes, I know…sincere apologies to a pair of stunning ladies whose picture didn’t come out. I loved them because one wasn’t wearing black – she wore sapphire satin, green, and a leopard print bolero – and the other had zinged up her ensemble with hot pink shoes and sequins. Our loss!


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