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The Elements: An Introduction

I asked some of my friends, “So what would you like to see on my femme blog?” Responses included:

“I’m not very good at (long pause) being female.”

“I would like some basics.”

“I liked the perfume posts – some more stuff like that.”

We unpacked these beginning statements some more. My friends did not want to be hyper-groomed and obscured under myriad layers of Products, but they did want “more polish.” They wanted to look like themselves, but better.  They enjoyed excursions to Goth Castle, the Retro Pinup Malt Shoppe, and the ineffable fashion realms of the 5th Arrondisment and 5th Avenue. But they wanted to read about a livable style ground and femme improvements for every day.

There’s a lot on the Web about makeup application and refining clothing style. So, for this week, I put together a series of posts on four basic style concepts – four Elements – that don’t repeat too much of what is already out there:

  • Face Care
  • Making the Most of Your Natural Hair 
  • Working with Outfits
  • Creating Occasions

Someone whose style is based on wholesome naturalness could take these elements and live happily ever after. Somebody else who wants to become a sleek, groomed avatar of fashion perfection, or a deliciously made-up pin-up, could use them as a foundation. The first post is up immediately following this.

One other question was, “Could you do a master post of all your online shopping places?”

That one didn’t take any unpacking (because the box hasn’t arrived yet.) I promise I’ll do that one, too.

A beautiful photo by a beautiful man. And a reminder that beauty is imperfect.

Flower, Albuquerque, NM. © 2007, 2011, Joseph E. Lake, Jr. Reused under Creative Commons Non-Commercial.

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