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Mermaids Off The Deep End

Worthy of her own Mermaid Parade

Worthy of her own Mermaid ParadeLots of mermaid love after the mermaid post a while back. Plus, this time next week, I am going to be On A Boat. So, some more mermaid inspiration for you. No holds barred maxtreme mermaidness ahoy!

Chantal Martin, model and dancer, shows us ultimate mermaid style with this glorious tail that she created herself. She’s the perfect pin-up mermaid.

A Mermaid Convention. This is delerious in the best possible way, a must-read about how extreme and fun a subculture can be. My favorite part is the mermaid competition, where weight lifters carry the entailed mermaid contestants onto stage.

 Mermaid art and more mermaid art and still more mermaid art by Australian artists Julie Ditrich and Jozef Szekeres.  Includes mermen!

Do you love mermaids enough to get a mermaid tattoo…or be a tattooed mermaid? This gallery has oodles of both.

“My father was the keeper of the Eddystone light/He slept with a mermaid one fine night…” Sea shanty classic here.

A mermaid look on land is particularly accessible this summer. You could…

  • Don a blue or gren maxi-skirt or long  fitted dress, a bit too long for you so it trails.
  • Have fun with long hair, real or fake (extra points for blue/green or ombre)
  • Add mermaid fascinators, preferably with pearls and seashells or coral, or shell barettes. Where’s my seaweed fascinator? That’s what I want!
  • Top it all off with an “under the sea” necklace.” Dirty Pearls has some great ones, or commission one from Things Unseen in Wellington, NZ.


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