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Friday Follies: Tipping Points!

LilyA certain style ennui is rising, like sea levels. Along with several local boutiques closing, Wellington Fashion Week was cancelled a week before it was supposed to open. We’ve only had it since 2011 and the event was having financial problems in 2012.

Grumbling about failure to support local design overlooks The Neurological Pleasures of Fast Fashion. Which is part of why everyone is so mad that Target ran out of their Lilly Pulitzer spin-off line in something like an hour.

Why Are So Many Dresses Sleeveless? Answer: because sleeves are hard! Comments thread outrage gold here.

How Much It Actually Costs To Look Like You’re Not Trying – She just woke up like that. And had a shocking beauty budget.

How To Optimize Your Flesh Prison – Every style blog post you’ve ever read, run through a post-post-postmodern blender. Between this and our style guide from Fandangle you are now set for style advice until the end of time.

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